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Here at Rolin Seal and Stripe, we're your go-to asphalt company for all your general sealcoating needs and more. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, we've been working hard to keep parking lots and driveways maintained by providing qualified sealcoating, asphalt repairs and patching as well as line striping services. Licensed and insured, we can revitalize tired, old driveways and parking lots into even surfaces that look as good as the day they were paved. With an emphasis on sealcoating, we're more than ready to take on any commercial or residential asphalt job in the Central Southern OK area!

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At Rolin Seal and Stripe we are professional sealcoating contractors who get the job done right the first time, every time. We take great pride in our workmanship and we always strive to create the best customer experience. Family owned and operated, we bring our clients over 10 years of experience. Our business motto is rooted in hard work and customer satisfaction. When we take on a job, we take it personally delivering a level of excellence you can appreciate. It's our goal that our first-time customers become lifelong clients!

Family Owned & Operated. Licensed & Insured. Over 10 Years Of Experience.


Sealcoating services (also known as pavement sealing) is vital to maintaining your asphalt surfaces. Typically applied after paving, sealcoating provides a protective coating that helps drastically extend the lifespan of your driveway or parking lot.

Asphalt Repair

Part of what we do to keep your asphalt surfaces in prime condition is apply repairs as needed. We can patch up holes, cracks and other issues plaguing your driveway and parking lot! Hot tar crack sealing is a great way to repair those unsightly (and damaging) cracks. Call Rolin Seal and Stripe for more information!

Line Striping

From newly paved areas to older ones that need a fresh touch, we offer quality line striping services you can rely on! Keep your parking spaces professional and easy to navigate with new, sleek lines.

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One of the more important investments for your home or business has to do with your asphalt. Particularly, for commercial fronts cracked parking lots are not only unattractive but hazardous for your customers. When you notice the early signs of cracks, faded lines or holes in your asphalt, be sure to make Rolin Seal and Stripe your first call!

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